Let’s talk about… Treats

best treats for dog training

Treats are the most common training motivator. Soft, easily chewed treats are best so your dog doesn’t have to stop and chew up a crunchy one.

Let’s Talk About… “Crazy gets you nothing”

training for calmness in dogs

If your dog wigs out when you pick up the leash, bounces off the wall when you get the food bowl, you can correct this behavior by adopting a “Crazy gets you nothing. Calm will get you stuff” attitude.

Let’s talk about… Socialization

Socialization in dogs

A lot of people think ‘Socialization’ is dogs playing together. This is just a very small piece of socializing your puppy/dog. Socialization is the exposure to new sights, sounds, smells. Basically, it’s giving your dog new experiences.

Let’s talk about… Leashes

Leashes and dogs

Leashes are a safety device only. They keep your dog from running into the street or darting over to a dog or human. The most important thing about a leash is NOT to use it to control your dog–pulling them to you or away from something, repositioning them, or yanking them so they pay attention to you while you’re standing still can teach your dog that the leash is what needs to be listened to and not you.

Let’s talk about… Bite inhibition in puppies

Bite inhibition in puppies

Question: How many of you have bought a puppy from a breeder, or adopted a puppy from a rescue and been given that puppy at 6 weeks of age and had nipping/biting problems that leave you bruised and bleeding? If not addressed this behavior can get completely out of control.

Let’s Talk About… The Premack Principle

Premack Principle in Dogs

Many people follow the Premack Principle everyday. They do this by going to work at a job they don’t particular like but they do it to get a paycheck. Dogs follow this principle too. For example, my Lab had frequent ear infections and had to get his ears cleaned and medicated all the time. In the beginning he would avoid me, refuse to move, etc. After many ear sessions where he got a crazy, high value reward after the cleaning things changed.

Let’s talk about…. Dog/dog greetings

Dog Greetings

First, there’s no rule that says your dog has to meet every dog they come across. But, they should learn to maintain their composure in proximity to other dogs.

Let’s Talk About… The “Wild Child”

wild child dog

The “Wild Child” is the dog that jumps on everyone, mouths everyone, refuses to listen or comply, pushes you out of the way, embarrasses you in public, and all that other good stuff.