All About Field Trips

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Field trips class such a good dog

Our Field Trips class is for dogs who have completed Jr. High or completed a free evaluation.

You’ll enjoy 4 weeks of classes in the real world practicing everything you’ve learned!

Our Field Trips class is perfect for dogs who already know the basics and have mastered the Jr. High Class! This class takes field trips each week to expose your dog to new experiences all while maintaining the training you’ve learned.

In order to participate in this class, you and your dog must have passed our Jr. High class or been evaluated by one of our trainers.

  • $85 for the 4-week class
  • Maximum 4 dogs per group class
  • Class meets for 1 hour each week for 4 weeks
  • We’ll test everything you learned in Elementary, Kindergarten, and Jr. High with those real world distractions
  • Refunds are not available within 48 hours of class start.

In-person classes require proof of vaccination: Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella (kennel cough) and rabies by a veterinarian to attend class. Titers test is also accepted.

Upcoming Field Trips Classes