training for calmness in dogs
Let’s Talk About… “Crazy gets you nothing”


If your dog wigs out when you pick up the leash, bounces off the wall when you get the food bowl, you can correct this behavior by adopting a, “Crazy gets you nothing. Calm will get you stuff” attitude.

This is amazingly simple in that you do nothing at all. Completely and totally ignore this behavior. That being said, you need to have patience. Lots of patience. Your dog needs to learn that you are more patient than they are crazy.

Example: You pick up the leash to go for a walk and your dog goes bonkers. Drop the leash on the floor and walk away saying absolutely nothing. Dog calms down a bit go back to pick up the leash. Dog goes bonkers… walk away. Repeat until your dog is slightly better. At that point attach the leash, and the dog goes nuts. Drop the leash and walk away. Dog calms down go back and pick up the leash. See that pattern here?

You don’t need to wait until your dog is completely mellow but wait until there is noticeable, calmer behavior before you proceed. You will show them that calm will get them what they want.

The first time you do this is the hardest. The second time they’re only crazy for 2 minutes instead of 20. The third time they’re vibrating with excitement but maintaining their composure.

Patience is your very best friend when working on this behavior.

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