Leashes and dogs
Let’s talk about… Leashes


Leashes are a safety device only. They keep your dog from running into the street or darting over to a dog or human.

The most important thing about a leash is NOT to use it to control your dog–pulling them to you or away from something, repositioning them, or yanking them so they pay attention to you while you’re standing still can teach your dog that the leash is what needs to be listened to and not you. They know it’s all about the leash because they’re moving and you’re standing still. You could also teach your dog to resent a leash.

When holding a leash, whether standing, sitting, or walking, keep it in one spot so that your dog cannot move you, or your arm, even an inch. Hold the leash in one spot (use the ‘belly button hold’ position) and if you want your dog to move then you move or use your voice. Show your dog that pulling gets them absolutely nothing and they need to stay with you so they know where they’re going.

Make it all about you and not the leash. Use sound (kissy noises, tongue clicking, etc.) to get your dog’s attention instead of pulling them to you.

The easiest way to NOT over use a leash is to go to For Paws in 5 Points on Wellman in Five points and get a waist leash! Hands free walking is amazing! You’ll never go back to a regular leash. If you tell them you heard about a waist leash here they’ll know which one you need.

Remember, it needs to be about you and not the leash.

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