Single Sessions & Private Training

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Please fill out the form below to prepare for your Private Training or Pet Evaluation session.

Vaccine Information

You can estimate your dog's date of vaccinations or future vaccination dates if not handy because vaccination paperwork will be needed at your class.


The owner agrees to work the dog daily on strengthening all cues taught in class, and that they are responsible for control of their dog at all times.
1. Equipment/Vaccinations: By clicking "Agree" below, I acknowledge that retractable leashes are not permitted, and I will provide proof of vaccinations – DHLP for all dogs, Bordetella and Canine Rabies for dogs over 14 weeks), from a veterinarian at the first class. I understand that if I fail to provide these documents I will be asked to leave class and be unable to attend the class until I provide the records.
2. No show or withdrawal policy: I may have my dog withdrawn from training at any time at the trainer’s request, however if no prior written arrangements are made and once training has begun; all fees are non-refundable.
3. We like to showcase our clients on our website and marketing materials. By selecting "Agree" below you give permission for us to use any photographic materials.


I, as the legal owner/agent of the aforementioned pet(s), having carefully read and fully understand this agreement, do hereby waive and release Such A Good Dog, and all its affiliates, from any and all liability of any nature. This includes any injury, death, sickness or damage my pet may suffer during or after any training program. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Such A Good Dog, and all its affiliates, from any all claims due to damage or injury my pet may cause to any third parties during or after training. The owner specifically acknowledges that they recognize the risk of taking a group class with other people and their dogs. This risk is entered into with the owner 100% responsible for their dog's behavior at all times in the class environment. By click "Agree", I acknowledge that I've read and understand the above.